About Us

Etia design  “Let your imagination wander” is a contemporary fashion brand.

We decided to go on this journey to be able to combine our passions for fashion, so there really is a lot of love going into Etia’s clothing. 

Started of as an idea in 2013 and made the idea a reality in 2014. We started with a small collection of T-shirts and since then we have grown into activewear - Bespoke and ready to wear.

The Brand is infused with Love, Culture and Originality. Two Designers sharing one Vision.

Our Mission is to adhere to a responsible lifestyle which is why in the future although we have started we not complete. We would like to integrate sustainability into everything we do.

We design, create the patterns, cut and make all our products and we source our material in the United Kingdom.

We make it to last - fashion that spells durability 

Etia Design - Let your imagination wander.