Women's front Crop Black sweatshirt

Women's front Crop Black sweatshirt

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Black sweatshirt with cubes 3D print insert. Small Crop women’s Top  

This makes it an exclusive for you being the only one with the style texture refreshing fabric style insert which may look different order to order from the other in regards to colour placing.


Machine cold wash inside out with whites

Line Dry

65% cotton 35% polyester ( 50% Recyclable Yarn)

Tracking info emailed once product has been shipped

Machine cold wash inside out

Tumble dry

Weight 260GSM

Size Chart based on Flat Guide

                 Bust         Shoulder     Waist     Sleeve       Length

XSmall    45-47cm   12-14cm  42-43cn  57-59cm


Small      47-49cm  14-15cm  43-44cm  59-60cm  50-51cm

Medium  50-52cm  16-17cm  44-45cm  61-62cm   52-53cm

Large      53-55cm  18-19cm  46-47cm  63-64cm  54-55cm

XLarge   56-58cm   20-21cm  48-49cm 65-66cm  56-57cm

Estimated Shipping time 2 - 4 Weeks

Made in the U.K