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Brixton Circle Tote bag

Brixton Circle Tote bag

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Introducing our Brixton Organic Strong Shopping Bag, available in classic canvas black, as well as assorted colors including pastel lemon, black, and pastel pink.
Our bags epitomize sustainability, organic craftsmanship, and ecological responsibility, making them the ideal choice for your spring shopping needs. Keep an eye out for additional color options in the near future.
These bags are designed with a focus on quality, boasting a substantial 407gsm construction. They are available in the popular Adults size, ensuring ample space for your belongings. The fabric composition comprises 100% Organic Brushed Cotton Canvas, offering a premium heavyweight texture that can be carried by hand or worn over the shoulder. Embrace style and sustainability with our Brixton shopping bag.

Product size 

Height 1cm

Width 39cm

Length 39cm


100% Organic Brushed Cotton Canvas - 407gsm

One size
Print sizes circle 26cm
Shipping please allow 3 - 5 business working days for dispatch.
Made in the UK
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